Strumedical LTD was founded in 2006 as a company specialized in selling, importing and marketing electromedical equipment for diagnosis and monitoring.

Strumedical is a young, dynamic and expanding reality, offering a complete range of products in constant technological evolution, providing the updating and extensibility of equipment and the applications related to them.

Ergonomics, ease of use for doctors and maximum safety for patients are the main targets.

The target is to achieve the highest level of satisfaction by customers supporting them in a constructive and professional way, with an after-sale support bound not only for the simple service, but also for the clinical training to use the equipment in the most appropriate, effective and efficient way .

Passion, ambition, innovation, reliability and values are the cornerstones of Strumedical “family philosophy”, made up ??by people and not by phone numbers . The widespread presence in the territory (through agents and qualified technicians) provides the customer with a reliable and long-lasting partner, also and especially after a sale.
The range of Strumedical products consists of four basic types:

  1) Cardiovascular and general diagnostic (echocardiography, electrocardiographs, ECG and blood pressure monitoring, stress testing, study of stiffness and hypertension, pulse oximeters, bone densitometers, hemodynamic monitoring, etc. ..).
  2) Ultrasound systems (portable and stationary ).
  3) Vascular and prosthetic devices (systems for accelerated thrombolysis, prostheses and stents, devices for the treatment of varicose veins, etc. ..).
  4) Second-hand and reconditioned products.

Choosing Strumedical means not only choosing unique, special top products, but also means choosing a serious and stimulant collaboration, that goes beyond the simple relations between supplier and customer.