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ULTRASOUND FOR PHYSIOTHERAPISTS, basic course on RUSI (Rehabilitative Ultra Sound Imaging)

Saturday, July 19, Montesilvano at the physiotherapy center MEDICAL CENTER will take a basic course on the RUSI (Rehabilitative Ultra Sound Imaging). The Strumedical Sonosite ultrasound will provide for the conduct of trials.

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From May 29 to June 1, 2014, the National Association of Specialists in Sports Medicine 'University "G. D'Annunzio" will present the 30th National Congress alleging "physical activity sports: past, present, future "at the hall of the Rectorate of the University" G. D'Annunzio ", Chieti. 
The Strumedical will be present with its own stand.

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18^a edition COSMOFARMA - BOLOGNA, MAY 9-11 2014


MEETINGS ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY 6 "The integrated cardiac imaging: current status and prospects "

On April 12, 2014 will be held in Foligno, at the hall Alesini Hospital of Foligno's meeting on imaging cardiac echocardiography integrated. 

The Strumedical will be present with its own stand.

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SonoSite X-PORTE

Sonosite will attend SIAARTI 2013 at the end of next week in Rome. Our booth will be at level -1 and we will be showing our latest products, the X-Porte and AxoTrack at our stand. On THURSDAY, Oct. 17, 2013, there will be an official presentation of the innovative ultrasound X-DOORS from 18.30 to 19.30, followed by a cocktail offered to the participants. System Ultrasound X-Port, a device that distinguishes itself from others as the "first railway ultrasound of the world" is available as a fixed or mobile unit and has a user interface with capacitive multitouch panel technology and proprietary software called XDI. The station integrates synchronous scanning in real time with 3D animations and tutorials that can be used to optimize "in-the-moment" machine performance and users.


MEDICA 2013 - World forum of medicine

From 20 th to 23 th November 2013 will be held in Düsseldorf the International Exhibition of Medicine and Hospital Technique. MEDICA is the world’s largest event for the medical sector. For more than 40 years it has been firmly established on every expert’s calendar. Come and be a part of it among world market leaders, newcomers and specialists. Four days of concentrated competence from the medical industry for the medical industry!   The clear structure allows you an overview of the versatile services on offer. The congress, special exhibits and practical forums ideally complement your visit to the exhibition. You can meet us at MEDICA by contacting us at info@strumedical.com . Don't miss this opportunity!!

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86th National Congress of Italian Urology Society

From 5 to 8 October 2013 will be held in Riccione, at the Palace of Congresses (Viale Virgilio 17), the National Congress of Italian Society of Urology came to the  86  ̊ edition.

 MOSS S.p.A. will participate in the conference, which will be presented  the range of products for Urology:

Medispec ED1000: shock waves technology for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

UroShield ™: Ultrasound therapy to prevent biofilm formation and reduce urinary tract infections related to the use of catheters

NG-Shield ™: Ultrasound therapy to prevent biofilm formation and reduce infections related to the use of cannulas naso-pharyngeal

For more information you can find the full program of the event on the site www.siu.it.

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"6th Meeting New Horizons in Cardiovascular Medicine: Arrhythmias, Coronary Interventions, Echocardiography, and Genetics"

On 25 and 26 October 2013 will be held in Macerata Congress the 6th Meeting “New Horizons in Cardiovascular Medicine: Arrhythmias, Coronary Interventions, Echocardiography, and Genetics”. The topics covered in these two study days will be:

- Applications Clinical Echocardiography practices
- Pulmonary arterial hypertension
- Pericardial effusion
- Intra-Cardiac Masses
- Cardiac resynchronization
- Clinical assessments of instrumental Dyspnea
- New antiplatelet
- New Coronary Stent

- Percutaneous treatment of valve disease
- Therapy Percutaneous Mitral
- Valvular Surgery
- Percutaneous arterial Hypertension
- Genes and Arrhythmias
- Therapeutic strategies in heart failure
- Prevention of the progression of atherosclerotic plaque by steatine
- Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

The locations of the congress will be:
October 25, 2013: Provincial General Hospital of Macerata -  Library
Via S. Lucia, 2-62100 Macerata
26 October 2013: University of Macerata, Hall - Faculty of Law
Via Piagge dell’Università, 2-62100 Macerata

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XI SIS 118 National Congress : "The pursuit of appropriateness between the territory and the hospital"

In Ancona from 13 to 15 June 2013 will take place the XI National Congress SIS 118 entitled "Research appropriateness between the territory and the hospital." The conference will be held at the Montessori Auditorium of Marche  Polytechnic University . Presiding over the event Dr. Riccardo Sestili, Director of Ancona 118 Central 118 and of the Marche Region Helicopter Rescue Service. The following issues were discussed during these days of training.

Thursday June 13, 2013:
- Maxiemergenza: organizational and management issues between the community and hospital (Auditorium)
- Set 118 and Clinical Governance: experts answer (Auditorium)
- Principals in the emergency diagnostic and therapeutic area (Aula T)
- The Operations Centre "Heart" SET 118 (Aula T)

Friday, 14 June 2013:
- 118-SET and call management (Auditorium)
- Topics helicopter rescue (Auditorium)
- The evolution of helicopter emergency medical services (Auditorium)
- The path between the territory and the trauma hospital (Auditorium)
- Citizens and Public Health: What alliance and integration? (Auditorium)
- The impact of NUE 112 (Aula T)
- The role of Psychology in September 118: problems and support staff (Aula T)
- New technologies supporting systems 118 (Aula T)
- The Territorial SET 118 (Aula T)
- Cardiac arrest and early defibrillation (Aula T)

Saturday, June 15  2013:
- Path of stroke (Auditorium)
- Path of STEMI: different solutions to a single problem? (Auditorium)
- Prehospital approach to the treatment of pain (Auditorium)
- Emergency medical and developmental age (Aula T)
- Fundamental contribution of non-health (Aula T)

Workshop n. 1: "On the scene of the crime" (13 June 2013)
Workshop n. 2: "Ultrasonography in emergency urgency : peripheral lines and elements of central access" (14 June 2013)
Workshop n. 3: "The airway management" (14 June 2013)
Workshop n. 4: "Intraosseous venous access" (15 June 2013)

Strumedical is attending the event, we are waiting for you at our Stand!!!

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"Acute pulmonary embolism: old & new "

On 11 July 2013 will be held in Ancona the conference  "Acute pulmonary embolism: old & new." During this meeting will address various issues:

- Acute pulmonary embolism: diagnosis
- Risk Stratification
- The management and treatment

Strumedical is attending the event, do not miss it!!!

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"Innovations in Plastic Surgery. Flaps New and Regenerative Surgery"

From 30 to 31 May 2013 will be held in Senigallia at the Rotunda to the sea and Ancona at the UOA "United Hospitals" two  learning days dedicated to technical and scientific innovation in plastic surgery. The conference will end on  the first of June 2013 at the "Hospitals Rinuti" of Ancona with a live surgery workshop focused on the technique of "lipofiling."
Strumedical is attending the event, do not miss it!!!

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"Week-end in Portonovo: comparing opinions"

From 4 to 6 July 2013 will be held in Ancona at the 'Hotel Excelsior  the Source” in  Portonovo, the congress entitled "Weekend in Portonovo: comparing opinions ".
Many topics will be treated during these  learning days.

Thursday, July 4:
- Contrast agents
- Pancreas and Biliary tract
- The kidney: small tumors and masses of NDD: what to do?
- Male genital

Friday, July 5:
- The management of the critical patient
- The management of breast lump of ndd
- New technologies
- The errors in the carotid doppler
- Ultrasound: essential in some areas
- Chest ultrasound
- Ultrasonography of the impossible
- Skeletal muscle case study

Saturday, July 6:
- The foot
- Ultrasound of the ankle: what is it really?
- The rehabilitation of traumatized ankle
- The nerves of the upper limb
- The nerves of the neck and brachial plexus

Strumedical is attending the event,don’t miss it!

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Theoretical and Practical Ultrasound Course in Local Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

On the 19 of April will be held in the auditorium of Santo Stefano Institute (Porto Potenza Picena),  the Theoretical and Practical Ultrasound Course in Local Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine. Multiple issues will be addressed in that occasion: sononantomia upper limb (proximal and distal blocks ), continuous peripheral nerve blocks ,sonoanatomia lower limb (proximal and distal blocks ), ultrasound-guided vascular access, echo in perioperative medicine and U.S. in ALR and medico-legal aspects in perioperative medicine.

Strumedical is attending the event, do not miss it!


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Day Update on Liver Transplantation: the Inclusion on the Waiting List Intervention

On February 16, 2013 will be held in Ancona, at the "Sandro Totti" Auditorium of the University Hospital (Hospital Riuniti Ancona), the day of update on liver transplantation. The meeting will be divided in three sessions that will address different aspects of the question: acute and chronic liver failure, the candidate difficult and perioperative management of liver transplantation.

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Early defibrillation: are we ready to kick off?

On the 15 of Dicembre2012 will be held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Civitanova Marche the Congress entitled "Early Defibrillation: we are ready to kick off?". In that occasion, in reference to Balduzzi’s decree, it will face various issues relating to the use of the automated external defibrillator in emergency situations. This meeting will be explained and detailed  BLSD sequence (Basic Life Support & Defibrillation) and it will be followed by a practical demonstration.

The purpose of  BLSD course for lay people can be summarized as follows:

- Exploiting effectively the waiting times of advanced life support to reduce the risk of worsening clinical status;
- Prevent, within the community, the risk of death linked to sudden and severe acute health events;
- To promote the improvement of the clinical condition of the victims of critical health events;

Strumedical will attend the event, come and visit us at our booth! We are waiting for you!

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II SIAATIP National Congress

From 24 to 25 May 2013 will be held in Ancona  the II National Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatric Anesthesia, Analgesia, Intensive Care (SIAATIP).  Many topics will be treated during these  learning days: analgesia,badly burned patient, intensive care, ethics and forensic medicine in pediatric anesthesia and intensive care, anesthesia, pediatric transplants, treatment of severe respiratory diseases, head trauma , emergency session workshop.
Strumedical will attend the event, do not miss the opportunity to meet us!

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XVI SICSPORT National Congress

From 12 to 14 September 2013 will be held in Padova at the Bo Great Hall of University,the XVI National Congress organized by the Italian Society of Sports Cardiology. The meeting will aim to reduce cardiovascular risk in Sport. The topics of the meeting will be:

- Ventricular arrhythmias and risk in the athlete;
- Atrial fibrillation and sport;
- Emerging diseases in sport;
- Prescription of the physical and sporting activities;
- Cardiology screening for sports and amateur racing;
- Treatment of cardiac arrest in field and semi-automatic defibrillator;
- New anticoagulants and sporting activities;
- New techniques for cardiovascular imaging in the athlete;
- Cardiovascular Molecular Genetics;
- Anatomo-clinical correlations in recent cases of sudden death during sports;

Strumedical will attend the event, do not miss the opportunity to meet us!

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"Woman between Sport and Patholoy"

On November 24th, 2012 will be held in Chieti the Regional Conference organized by the  Sportive Medical Association " Prof. Leonardo Vecchiet ",entitled “ Woman between Sport and Pathology ".In that occasion will be treated issues about  women - sport ‘s world combination , taking into consideration physiological and pathophysiological aspects of the matter. Strumedical is attending the event, we are waiting for you!!!

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High Social Impact Arrhythmias

On November 24th,  2012 will be held in Perugia, at Monterone’s Castle , the A.R.C.A. Regional Congress ,entiled " High Social Impact Arrhythmias".  Strumedical is attending the event, don't miss the opportunity to meet us!!!

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Theoretical Training Course of Ultrasonology and Specialist courses - SIUMB

From 13 th to 16 th October 2012 in Montesilvano (Pescara), at Serena Majestic Hotel ,will be held on Theoretical Training Course Of Ultrasonology  and specialist courses organized by SIUMB, Italian Society of Ultrasonology specialized in medicine and biology. We are waiting for you at our stand!!!

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TRAUMA UPDATE - Complexities in trauma: anatomical, environmental, organizational

On October 12 th, 2012 will be held in Ancona , at Montessori ‘s Auditorium  of  Politecnic  University (Faculty of medicine and surgery) "TRAUMA UPDATE- complexities in trauma: anatomical, environmental, organizational". Trauma Update is a touring circuit of scientific events focused on the management of severe trauma. The meeting in Ancona was born with the aim to sensitize health workers to embark on a "journey" of continuous and progressive improvement of scientific knowledge and of professional skills of handling the trauma, both in general interest and attention to the individual. Don't miss it!!!

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XI National Congress ACD SIAARTI

From 21 th to 23 th of November 2012 will be held in Montesilvano (Pescara) , at the Conference Centre of Abruzzo,  the 11th National Congress of the Italian Society of anesthesia, analgesia, reanimation and intensive care SIAARTI ACD. The Conference,organized for the second time in Abruzzo by Prof. Amedeo Costantini, will treat all the most important topics of the discipline with leading Italian and foreign experts, while also giving more space to young people under 35 and to postgraduate students, which will be reserved three YOUNG ACD SIAARTI awards.We are waiting for you at our stand!!!

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AFY DAY - Phlebology's Day

On November 24 th ,2012 will be held in Francavilla al Mare (Chieti),at the Romantik Hotel Villa Maria, the AFI DAY, a refresher course that offers an opportunity to develop a number of issues: hemodynamics and venous diagnostic of lower limbs,  ecoscleromousse of saphenous veins, saphenous veins laser treatment, complications of phlebologic surgery, hemorrhoid treatment,possible side effects of regional anaesthesia, venous ulcers, advanced medications, chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency, vascular malformations. We are waiting for you at our stand!!!

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